I feel that a pre-wedding shoot is essential for both the groom and bride, as well as for me as a photographer. It usually if not always takes an hour. We start with a pre-wedding meeting, whether we get coffee, or even a beer, we can informally discuss your big day plans and what you dream of on that day. Then we go off to take a mini photo shoot at a location of your choice, parks and countryside’s are what I personally choose. We go for thirty minutes to one hour and take pictures every now and then whilst discussing what you are looking for etc. Once we are finished with the shoot and you realise it wasn’t as horrific as you thought it’d be, I will start to work on your photos. In the next two days, I will email you all your photos that were taken, in colour and black and white along with a watermark over the top of each image for you to review. By then, you will have an idea if I am the right photographer for your special day or not. If you are happy and are ready to book with me, I will ask for a 20% deposit and I will ask you to fill out a booking form online. Once everything has been returned to me, I will resend the photos without a watermark on them. This service is completely free of charge and you don’t have to book with me if you are not happy with the photos. You can simply walk off without any commitment to me.

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I have been to many locations to take my photographs; I genuinely love the different digital back drops and the versatility this brings.

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